Instagram blocked me.

So a couple of days ago I had a prompt from Instagram, telling me I had to change my password because I’d given my password away to buy followers. I’ve also been blocked for the same reason.

Now have I been more active on Instagram? Yes, have I been posting more often and engaging more? Yes. Have I wasted money on buying fake followers? Absolutely not. Have I gained more followers? Yes I have.

I think it’s incredibly sad that Instagrams system isn’t better than this, I’m “punished” for something I have not done. Apparently if they wrongly accuse me of doing the same thing again I could get banned.

Now fair enough, getting banned from Instagram isn’t the end of the world, but it’s a faulty system. And it annoys me, some people make their living from it. And it would have much worse consequences.

What I’m trying to say is that something as big as Instagram should have worked on perfecting their ways by now. Granted it’s all in place for a reason, but when people who are not doing anything wrong get banned and blocked there it’s clearly not working aswell as it should.

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