It’s been nearly a year

… Since I passed my driving test. But let’s start from the beginning.

The day before my test I had a driving lesson with my instructor, on that lesson my car broke down on the dual carriage way just before a really busy roundabout. It ended up having to be towed back home.

I tried several garages to try and get it fixed but no one could do it on such short notice.

In the end I borrowed my partners car for my test (same model car, just different year) and I passed.

But there started all the problems, the amount of issues I’ve had with the car since. I even had someone drive into my car out front of our house! I thought once I had my license it would open a whole new world of freedom, independence, that it would be a really good thing. But so far it’s caused me nothing but anxiety and stress. And guess what? I’ve had to book it in for more repairs again.

I’m just hoping this is the last of it for a while now that I can work past the anxiety and stress and actually enjoy that I have a car and a license.

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