Reaching goals

Not the best start to the week so lets hope it continues on a better note, Ryan is feeling a little bit better so everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

Ive just finished my workout which felt great, Ive actually finally reached my goal weight which is less then what I weighed before I got pregnant, however I still have quite bit of loose skin on my belly and I have allot of muscle to regain. I’m working on my stomach separation and it is slowly but surely getting better. Pregnancy has definitely took a toll on my body, the fact that Ive had very close pregnancies have probably made it worse, and I haven’t really been working to build my muscles up between pregnancies either. But I’m glad I’ve finally decided to work on it, not only can I feel myself getting stronger but its making me feel better mentally. But I have to be honest, it is so nice to be able to fit into my old tight jeans!

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