Bin excitement

Ahh wonderful Friday, although it’s been a little chilly today, I almost turnt the heating on, but thought ehm no just get jumpers out for everyone but Jamie who’s only really got summer clothes so he’s been wrapped in a blanket all day. Time to start buying some warmer clothes.

Highlight of the day must of been our new bin arriving, is that sad? When you get excited about ordering a bin, does it come with old age? Haha. We’ve just had a bag hanging on hooks on our back door, and with heavy nappies in the bag the hooks just keep falling of resulting in the contents of the bin bag all over the floor so I’m very happy about my “stylish bin”.

Ryan’s just got Zack and Jasper of to sleep and Jamie’s just fell asleep next to me so time for me and hubby to get some alone time together.

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