Lying on the bed with hiccup tightly snuggled up to me. I’ve just finished my experimental hair dying (meaning I didn’t know how it would work on my multicoloured hair but I just did it anyway) and it turned out ish. I’m just going to have to see what it looks like in daylight and


I am completely run out, exhausted, not physically but mentally. We missed Jamies hip scan this morning because I didn’t remember until the last minute, which is very unlike me. I just feel completely drained and I feel how the tears are burning behind my eyelids at the slightest little thing. I know that its

Monday 14th of may

First day with Ryan back at work, and it’s actually going better then expected. Everything is so much easier whilst not being pregnant and your body is working like it’s supposed to. Of course we miss Ryan and I shed a few tears when he drove off to work but I can do this perfectly

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Just the way it is.

  The kids are fast asleep, and I’m enjoying some crisps, and drinking some alkohol-free wine. Feel as if I deserve to indulge a little bit after a bad day.  Spent over two hours at the hospital for my glucose test, which was boring to day the least. And I am just so very tired

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Last Monday this January.

The weekends passed to quickly as usual. But this Monday has been okay, and tomorrow I have to go and have a glucose test done, not my favourite thing to do but hopefully it will show that everything is okay. We’ve watched the new kingsmen film tonight, it was good what we heard of it,

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Hi as you know I wrote that I was going to try to catch up on some sleep? Well things never turn out the way you want. We had stormy weather which woke me up just before 3 am and then Zack woke up just after, and couldn’t get back to sleep. So we laid

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Friday 8/12/17

Äntligen Fredag kväll, vi lyssnar på musik och snart kommer Ryan hem! Det har vart en lång vecka så helgen är verkligen efterlängtad. Vet inte riktigt vad vi ska hitta på men lite julklapps shopping lär det iallafall bli. Finally Friday night, we’re listening too music and soon Ryan will be home! It’s been a