Pregnancy 29 weeks

This pregnancy is much like my other pregnancies, and at the same time it’s very different.

I have something called low PAPP-A, which means I’m at a higher risk of having a low birth weight baby, increased chance of an early birth, increased chance of developing pre-eclampsia.

Now I’ve had this in 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies. I had it with Zack, Jasper and now with this pregnancy too, however I didn’t have it when I was pregnant with Jamie.

However when it comes to the low birth weight part I seem to be the opposite. And Im having rather large babies. Only Zack was premature at 36 weeks, Jasper was 38 weeks and Jamie 39. And thankfully I’ve never developed pre-eclampsia.

Now with this girl she’s on the 97th centile on the growth chart, and is estimated to weigh about 4,5 kg, for this reason I’m likely to be induced if she’s not decided to make an appearance before then.

Honestly I really just want time to move quicker now, everything hurts, I’m so heavy and just want to meet our little girl and get back to my normal body and normality.

Just over 10 weeks to go until the official due date. And I have another ultrasound at 32 weeks so hopefully then I’ll get a few more answers about a possible induction.

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The birds and the bees

I had to have the conversation the other day with Jasper, the conversation that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to have yet for a while, a couple of years or you know ever.

Jasper looks at my bump with a very puzzled look and asks me “mummy how did the baby get in there?”. I completely panic, I was not prepared for this and I answer “ When mummy’s and daddy’s love each other very much they have really big cuddles and that makes a baby “. Jasper the little smart ass couldn’t just accept this answer and be done with it nope instead he says “but mummy I give you cuddles”. So panic mode again “ehrum yes but it’s only when boyfriends and girlfriends cuddle that you can make a baby”. And before he manages to come up with another question to my terrible answer I ask him if he has a girlfriend? He replies “ Mummy my girlfriends a little bit interesting “

And that made me laugh so hard that I nearly peed myself.

When it comes to the talk though, I think I’ll have to have a think and sit down and have a better conversation with him, I don’t think the answers I gave him were the best. He took me by surprise okay? I need time to prepare for something like that. 😂

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Summer holiday

Do you remember when the summer holidays started and life was filled with sleep ins and fun for those precious few weeks? – Yeah my kids don’t get it.

Let’s start the day ridiculously early put every single toy we own in me the middle of the floor and wait for mummy to clean it up so we can do it again, yeah that’s their idea of a summer holiday.

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Reading through the archive

Good morning, or bad morning I guess depending on how your morning started. I unfortunately didn’t sleep great so feeling tired and a little bit grumpy.

The kids are full of energy as usual. I think we should just change that to me being full of energy and the kids being tired, honestly that would just make more sense.

I spent last night reading through some of my old posts, I must say it was nice to be able to read and look back at things. It also gave me insight to what I wish I would of wrote more about.

Time to make some breakfast! I will be back with more posts soon though, allot has happened since I last posted.

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Baby boy

Soon hiccup will be three months old, time is just flying by and I feel like I’m not keeping up. I just want to stop time and get to enjoy my little baby a little longer.
He is by far the “easiest” baby out of the three, hes pretty much constantly happy and content, and he even puts himself to sleep.
He’s really giving us those beaming toothless smiles and giving us so much lovely baby talk, and when he spots his brothers faces his little face lights up and he waves those little arms in excitement.

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Small feet and tender hearts

The last few days have been my first days dealing with all the kids at bedtime and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been a little worried about it. But it ended up being fine thanks to a very patient little baby.

Right now I’m sitting next to hiccup in his baby gym, he’s having some tummy time whilst Jaspers napping and Zacks watching his tablet and eating biccies.

It’s a little bit cooler then what is has been just recently today so I’m going to try and get a few things done and do my workouts again, I’ve not done it the last four days so it’s about time I get started again.

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The moments to remember

Jasper har precis somnat och Zack sitter i sit rum och leker med ipaden, han är fortfarande lite för uppe i varv för att sova. Jasper fick mitt hjärta att smälta lite precis innan han somnade. Han kollade på mig och sa mumum? Yes Jasper? svarade jag. Och han la sina små armar runt min nacke och tryckte sin kind mot min kind. Älskade älskade barn.

För att helt byta ämne så har jag vart väldigt glömsk dom senaste dagarna. Igår så skulle jag göra “pasta bake”, jag steker och rör ihop dom olika ingrienserna i stekpannan, smakar av och häller i allt i min ugnsform. Tycker att det verkar väldigt lite men strör över lite ost och in i ugnen. När det är klart och ute ur ugnen så kommer jag på att jag glömt pastan… Men det blev gott iallafall.

Dagen då? Jag har städat och så har vi lämnat lite paper på Zacks dagis. Ja, vår stora pojke ska börja på dagis! Och jag är så glad för hans skull. Det är såklart blandade känslor, men jag är övertygad om att det kommer att bli jättebra.
Jasper has only just fell asleep and Zack is in his room watching the tablet, he’s still a little bit too wound up to be sleeping. Jasper just made my heart melt, not long before he fell asleep he looked at me and said mumum? Yes Jasper? And he wrapped his little arms around me and put his cheek on my cheek. My lovely little boy.

To completely change the subject I’ve been very forgetful the last few days. Yesterday I was making a “pasta bake”. So I put together all of the ingredients and put them in my deep oven dish, and finish with sprinkling some cheese on top before putting it in the oven. When it’s all done and out of the oven I realise I forgot the pasta, some “pasta” bake huh? But it still tasted good.

So how’s today been? I’ve been cleaning and we popped into Zacks nursery with some papers. Yes! Our big boy is starting nursery! I am so happy for him. Of course I have some mixed feelings but I’m convinced that it’s going to be great.

My “pasta bake”

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