Pregnancy 29 weeks

This pregnancy is much like my other pregnancies, and at the same time it’s very different.

I have something called low PAPP-A, which means I’m at a higher risk of having a low birth weight baby, increased chance of an early birth, increased chance of developing pre-eclampsia.

Now I’ve had this in 3 out of 4 of my pregnancies. I had it with Zack, Jasper and now with this pregnancy too, however I didn’t have it when I was pregnant with Jamie.

However when it comes to the low birth weight part I seem to be the opposite. And Im having rather large babies. Only Zack was premature at 36 weeks, Jasper was 38 weeks and Jamie 39. And thankfully I’ve never developed pre-eclampsia.

Now with this girl she’s on the 97th centile on the growth chart, and is estimated to weigh about 4,5 kg, for this reason I’m likely to be induced if she’s not decided to make an appearance before then.

Honestly I really just want time to move quicker now, everything hurts, I’m so heavy and just want to meet our little girl and get back to my normal body and normality.

Just over 10 weeks to go until the official due date. And I have another ultrasound at 32 weeks so hopefully then I’ll get a few more answers about a possible induction.

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The birds and the bees

I had to have the conversation the other day with Jasper, the conversation that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to have yet for a while, a couple of years or you know ever.

Jasper looks at my bump with a very puzzled look and asks me “mummy how did the baby get in there?”. I completely panic, I was not prepared for this and I answer “ When mummy’s and daddy’s love each other very much they have really big cuddles and that makes a baby “. Jasper the little smart ass couldn’t just accept this answer and be done with it nope instead he says “but mummy I give you cuddles”. So panic mode again “ehrum yes but it’s only when boyfriends and girlfriends cuddle that you can make a baby”. And before he manages to come up with another question to my terrible answer I ask him if he has a girlfriend? He replies “ Mummy my girlfriends a little bit interesting “

And that made me laugh so hard that I nearly peed myself.

When it comes to the talk though, I think I’ll have to have a think and sit down and have a better conversation with him, I don’t think the answers I gave him were the best. He took me by surprise okay? I need time to prepare for something like that. ?

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Summer holiday

Do you remember when the summer holidays started and life was filled with sleep ins and fun for those precious few weeks? – Yeah my kids don’t get it.

Let’s start the day ridiculously early put every single toy we own in me the middle of the floor and wait for mummy to clean it up so we can do it again, yeah that’s their idea of a summer holiday.

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It’s going to hurt

These quarantine days are going fast and slow at the same time, just like this pregnancy. I want it to go faster because I’m so heavy and tired already. But at the same time I want it to slow down because I have so many things I need get done before our little girl is here. And my stress levels are peaking way too high as it is.

Jasper can’t wait for his little sister to arrive and is always coming up to me giving my bump cuddles and kisses and wanting to feel baby kick.

He’s also expressed an interest in how baby gets out of mummies belly. His new thing is now to point at my private parts whilst telling me that the baby comes out of there and it’s going to hurt. It’s a nice reminder of what’s to come.

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Morning after regrets

Slightly misleading headline, I’ve not been drinking.

We had a lovely evening last night, the kids got to run around, play and tire themselves out which led to an incredible easy bed time. It might of took 15 minutes, might just be a record for us.

I stayed up late, well later then usual which is really late for me. I was editing photographs all night. And oh am I feeling it this morning. I feel like the zombie mom of zombie moms.

I might have to re-edit some of the photos, I was so tired last night that I started rushing through it and looking at them this morning they could use some tweaking.

Today I have to give the house a big clean, finish cleaning the sofa and chair that we started yesterday. And move the living room furniture around. I might do a little vlogg?

But for now It’s breakfast time!

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Expecting baby number four.

As I was reading through my old blog posts the other day I came across one about weather or not we would be having any more children – you can read it here.

And it made me laugh as clearly things didn’t end up the way I thought they would. Because here we are expecting our fourth child.

And although it’s been a struggle for me mentally, accepting that we’re having another child. I’m now in a place where I can say I’m happy about it and I can’t wait to meet our little girl ( I was never not happy, however I was terrified and that feeling took over at that point in time). Although I am still scared about having four children, and how we are going to manage with everything. The other week I completely broke down because I thought we was going to have to buy a new car, but more about that in a separate post.

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Reading through the archive

Good morning, or bad morning I guess depending on how your morning started. I unfortunately didn’t sleep great so feeling tired and a little bit grumpy.

The kids are full of energy as usual. I think we should just change that to me being full of energy and the kids being tired, honestly that would just make more sense.

I spent last night reading through some of my old posts, I must say it was nice to be able to read and look back at things. It also gave me insight to what I wish I would of wrote more about.

Time to make some breakfast! I will be back with more posts soon though, allot has happened since I last posted.

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My birth story

Friday the 27:th of April in the afternoon I went in for a monitoring due to reduced movements, everything looked fine but baby was measuring large so they booked me in to be induced on the third of may.

Once we got home I said to Ryan he will probably decide to make an appearance now that Ive been booked in to be induced, and sure enough at 5.30 Saturday morning my waters broke.

I woke Ryan up who phoned his dad to come and look after the kids. I spoke to labour ward who thought I could stay home a while longer, I disagreed after two previously quick deliveries I wanted to get to the hospital as soon as possible.  So off we went. After about 30 minutes on the ctg they didn’t think my contractions was regular enough and I was only 3 cm open so they wanted to send me home, and see what had happened after an hour. And this is where I started to panic. I felt as if it was Jaspers birth all over again, where no one would listen to me.  I knew that going home wasn’t a good idea, I was about to have a baby soon? I asked her to leave the ctg on for a little longer, but there was no point she said, I wasn’t in “active labour”, so they wouldn’t let me stay there. I explained that id had previously quick deliveries and didn’t want to go home. Since I really wanted to stay she offered to transfer me to a different ward for now, but she still thought it would be better if we went home. I felt in the way and like a burden, like I had to go home.

After the midwife left I broke down in tears. Ryan tried to calm me down, but it felt so hopeless again, it was this id been so afraid of. The midwife came back and saw me crying, Ryan explained what had happened last time. After that they agreed it might be better if I stayed, still in the other ward though. So we got moved and I got a new, really lovely midwife who promised she would listen to me. Ryan left to quickly buy a few things, trousers being one of them after Id soaked through all of the ones I had where my waters where still leaking on and off. It didn’t take very long before the contractions started getting more painful and regular, but I waited until id had a few more contractions before calling the midwife. She could feel me contracting when she put her hand on my belly and she asked if I wanted her to examine me now, or wait a few more minutes. We decided to wait five minutes. I tried calling Ryan who had no signal so I sent him a message saying the contractions were getting more painful. After a couple more contractions I felt like the contractions were getting quite intense, I called for the midwife again, and she came and examined me. 4 cm, I got to choose if I wanted to stay a little bit longer or head straight back to labour ward, I choose to go back to labour ward. I could feel how quickly things were escalating. On the way back we laughed at my little puddles of waters in the elevator that was still there. Back at labour ward I got my own room straight away, and my gas and air, and I even got my very own toilet! I got a new midwife again and she suggested I should walk around a little to speed things along. But I knew that wasn’t necessary and after having a couple of contractions whilst lying down I think she realised that too. I focused on my breathing with the gas and air, we spoke a little bit in-between the contractions but I can´t really remember what we spoke about. I asked if baby was still back to back, and she said it was a possibility but she wasn’t really sure. I could feel it was getting very close and I was 9 cm open and started feeling the urge to push. I felt like I dealt with the pain quite well after all and got comfort in knowing it would be over soon. I started pushing and got some motivation when the midwife said she could see the head, pushed, pushed and out came Jamies head at 11.06 pushed again and out came the body at 11.06. Relief, love, joy. It took an hour from when they moved me back to labour ward until baby was born, and they said it was a good thing I did stay or I would of probably delivered in a ditch somewhere.

I am so grateful towards the midwife we had, she listened to me and trusted that I knew my body and what I was doing, and for that I am very grateful. That I got to have a positive delivery where I felt safe.

Fredagen den 27:e April på eftermiddagen var jag inne på koll på grund av minskade foster rörelser, allt såg bra ut men bebis mätte stort så dom bokade in mig för igångsättning den 3:e maj.

När vi kommit hem sa jag till Ryan att han kommer säkert nu när jag fått tid för igångsättning och klockan 5.30 lördag morgon gick vattnet.

Jag väckte Ryan som i sin tur ringde sin pappa som kom för att ta hand om barnen. Jag pratade med förlossningen som tyckte att jag kunde stanna hemma ett tag till, det tyckte inte jag efter att ha haft snabba förlossningar innan så efter lite om och men fick vi komma in på koll.

Efter ungefär 30 minuter på ctgn tyckte dom inte att mina värkar var regelbundna nog och jag var bara 3 cm öppen. Dom tyckte att jag skulle åka hem och se hur det går efter en timme. Och här började jag få panik, det kändes som Jaspers förlossning igen, när ingen lyssnade. Jag visste att åka hem inte var en bra ide, jag skulle ju föda barn snart? Jag bad henne att lämna ctgn på lite längre, men det var ingen poäng I det sa barnmorskan, och dom kunde inte låta mig vara kvar där när jag inte var i “active labour”. Jag förklarade att jag haft snabba förlossningar innan och ville inte åka hem, hon sa att ifall jag verkligen så kunde jag stanna fast i en annan avdelning men hon tyckte det var bättre ifall jag åkte hem. Jag kände mig som att jag var jobbig och ivägen och kände mig tvungen att åka hem.

Efter att barnmorskan gått bröt jag ihop, tårarna rann.. Ryan försökte lugna mig, men det kändes så hopplöst igen, det var precis det här jag vart så rädd för. Barnmorskan kom tillbaka och såg mig gråtandes, och Ryan förklarade vad som hänt förra förlossningen. Efter det så tyckte dom att det kanske var bättre ifall jag stannade iallafall, fast fortfarande i den andra avdelningen. Så vi blev flyttade och jag fick en jätte gullig barnmorska som lovade att lyssna på mig. Ryan åkte snabbt för att köpa lite grejer, bla byxor. Alla mina var blöta efter att vattnet läckt i omgångar. Jag kände snabbt hur värkarna blev tättare och jobbigare men väntade ett par värkar till innan jag ringde efter barnmorskan. Hon kunde känna värkarna när hon la sin hand på min mage och undrade ifall jag ville att hon skulle vänta lite eller undersöka mig nu, vi bestämde oss för att vänta fem minuter. Jag försökte ringa Ryan som inte hade någon signal så jag skickade ett meddelande och sa att värkarna började bli jobbiga. Efter ett par värkar till kände jag att det började bli rätt jobbigt så jag ringde barnmorskan igen och hon undersökte mig. 4 cm, jag fick välja ifall jag ville stanna eller flytta tillbaka till förlossningen och jag valde att flytta tillbaka. Jag kände hur fort det började gå. Påvägen tillbaka skrattade vi lite åt mina vatten pölar som fortfarande var i hissen. Tillbaka på förlossningen fick jag mitt egna rum direkt och min lustgas, jag hade till och med min egen toa, lyx! Jag fick en ny barnmorska igen och hon föreslog att jag skulle gå runt lite för att skynda på saker och ting. Det visste jag att det behövdes inte och efter ett par värkar i liggläge tror jag hon förstod det också. Jag fokuserade på min andning i lustgasen ibland pratade vi lite emellan värkarna men jag minns inte riktigt om vad. Jag frågade ifall bebis fortfarande var rygg mott rygg, barnmorskan sa att det var möjligt men hon var inte riktigt säker. Jag kände att det började närma sig jag var 9cm och började få krystvärkar. Jag kände att jag hanterade smärtan bra trots allt och visste att nu var det snart över. Jag körde på och krystade, fick lite extra kraft när barnmorskan sa att hon kunde se huvudet, krystade, krystade och ut kom huvudet 11.06 krystade igen och ut kom kroppen 11.06. Lättnad, kärlek, glädje. Det tog en timme från att dom flyttat tillbaka mig till förlossningen tills att bebis kom, och dom sa att det var tur att jag stannat annars hade jag nog fött i ett dike någonstans.

Jag är så himla tacksam mot barnmorskan vi fick, hon lyssnade på mig och litade på att jag kände min kropp. Och jag är så glad att jag fick bra förlossning, där jag kände mig trygg.

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Something thats pretty unusual in our home is that I’m the only one who’s still awake, the kids and Ryan are sleeping. I’m usually the one who goes to sleep with the kids, but Ryan fell asleep with Zack. I’m also going to bed but just wanted to write a quick update first. I had a stretch and sweep done yesterday, and so far nothings happened and to be honest I don’t think it will either. This is a stubborn baby, and I have a feeling he will be staying in there for a little while longer, weird really considering I was worried he was going to arrive to early to begin with. Oh well thats just the way its is, we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Något som är rätt ovanligt här hemma är att jag är faktiskt den enda som är uppe, barnen och Ryan sover. Jag är vanligtvis den som går och lägger mig med barnen, men Ryan somnade vid nattningen. Jag ska också gå och lägga mig men ville bara skriva en snabb uppdatering! Jag gjorde en hinnsvepning igår kväll, en så länge så har inget hänt och jag tror väll kanske inte att det gör det heller. Det här är en envis bebis, och jag har en känsla av att han stannar ett litet tag till där inne, konstigt egentligen med tanke på att jag var orolig att han skulle komma för tidigt till en början. Men men, så är det, vi får vänta och se vad som händer helt enkelt.

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23rd of April 2018

After struggling at bed time yesterday it was a big relief when Zack fell asleep straight away today. Sadly Ive had quite a bad day, I thought for a while that maybe labour was starting but it eased of after a little while and I got disappointed again. I really feel so done with being pregnant now, I just want to get back to my old self. But tomorrow Ive got an appointment with my midwife and then an appointment with my consultant, and on Wednesday I’m having a stretch and sweep done. So hopefully there will be a baby very soon!

Efter en tuff nattning igår kväll så var det en stor lättnad när Zack somnade direkt idag. Tyvärr så har jag haft en rätt så dålig dag, trodde att det kanske var förlossning på G ett tag men det avtog efter ett litet tag och jag blev besviken igen. Jag känner mig verkligen så himla klar med graviditeten nu, vill bara återgå till mitt normala själv. Men imorgon så har jag först tid hos barnmorskan och sen hos läkaren, och på onsdag blir det en hinnsvepning! Så nu hoppas vi att bebis kommer snart.

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