More kids?

Five months as a family of five, three kids can certainly be challenging at times but also oh so rewarding. Will there be a number four? Well I don’t like to say never but its not something we are planning right now. I don’t know if we change our minds in the future, but I

Reaching goals

Not the best start to the week so lets hope it continues on a better note, Ryan is feeling a little bit better so everything will be back to normal tomorrow. Ive just finished my workout which felt great, Ive actually finally reached my goal weight which is less then what I weighed before I

My birth story

Friday the 27:th of April in the afternoon I went in for a monitoring due to reduced movements, everything looked fine but baby was measuring large so they booked me in to be induced on the third of may. Once we got home I said to Ryan he will probably decide to make an appearance

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Something thats pretty unusual in our home is that I’m the only one who’s still awake, the kids and Ryan are sleeping. I’m usually the one who goes to sleep with the kids, but Ryan fell asleep with Zack. I’m also going to bed but just wanted to write a quick update first. I had

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23rd of April 2018

After struggling at bed time yesterday it was a big relief when Zack fell asleep straight away today. Sadly Ive had quite a bad day, I thought for a while that maybe labour was starting but it eased of after a little while and I got disappointed again. I really feel so done with being

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Friday – yay

I’m not sure why I always get so happy about Fridays, Its like theres any difference in a Friday and a normal day for me, but I suppose it has something to do with the “friday feeling” . Well I’m sitting here now hoping that babys going to decide that its time to come out

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Life lately – summary

First couple of test shots with my new nikkor 50mm. Its been a little while again, theres not been allot going on but theres been good and bad days. I thought I would do a quick summary. – I’m still pregnant, although I did spend this morning at the hospital with some pains thats apparently due

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2-3 cm

What a weekend! And I don’t mean that in a positive way either. But lets start with something positive. Zacks back to being himself again, the swelling in his arm has gone down completely and hes got a normal temperature again, so were really happy about that. I was in hospital Saturday night and at

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So very tired (and his hairs curly from sleeping with his hair up in a twisted bun) I really have to apologise for how incoherent and grammatically incorrect my latests posts have been. Grammars, spelling and so on really isn’t my strongest side, but its generally not this bad. But I suppose I can always

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