I haven’t picked my camera up until today and I’ve barely updated any social media the last week. As much as I enjoy social media – and it’s something I do because I enjoy it. I tend to put to much pressure on myself sometimes taking the fun out of it and making it stressful.

Day before Friday

Did I get to sleep? Nah not really our little one who generally is a very good sleeper decided he was waking up at who knows what time and thought it was the perfect time for bouncing all over the bed. So guess who’s sleeping right now?. Either way I have woke up with some

Precious time

It’s just so amazing to watch our little baby grow and at the same time I just want him to keep being this little forever. He’s so happy about everything and sits and talks to us plays with his toys and is just pure joy in everyway. He’s almost four months now and before we

All about Zack

There’s been allot of stress and worry for me the last couple of months. And one of the things that have been stressful for me is that Ive had to make a decision about whether to take Zack out of Nursery due to my back not being able to cope with the walk back and

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Longing for warmer days

I’m really looking forward to the summer after looking at these pictures from last summer, and do you see Zacks hair? So beautiful! I’m never touching his hair with a pair of scissors ever again. And look at Jaspers lovely curls, I’m really hoping they will come back once his hair is a little bit

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Walk around the lake.

I lördags så åkte vi till ett helt nybyggt shopping område vid en sjö. Det är mitt lilla paradis och jag hade svårt att slita mig från Moschino väskorna  ( snälla tomten, jag har väll vart snäll i år? ) bland annat. Vi spenderade inte speciellt mycket tid i affärerna men gick runt sjön iallafall, och