I haven’t picked my camera up until today and I’ve barely updated any social media the last week.

As much as I enjoy social media – and it’s something I do because I enjoy it. I tend to put to much pressure on myself sometimes taking the fun out of it and making it stressful. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing recently, so I decided to just take a break for a week and just be. And it’s certainly worked, I feel inspired with photo ideas, blog post ideas and my fingers just want to keep tapping away on my keyboard but I’m going to have to restrain myself a little because I have to be up bright and early tomorrow and if I’m honest I am really tired.

But I will be back tomorrow with a weekly evaluation, and what’s happening this week. I’ll probably end up writing a few more posts that I’ll schedule to be published throughout the week.

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Day before Friday

Did I get to sleep? Nah not really our little one who generally is a very good sleeper decided he was waking up at who knows what time and thought it was the perfect time for bouncing all over the bed. So guess who’s sleeping right now?. Either way I have woke up with some more energy today and I feel pretty good, there’s a new episode of riverdale today ( I hope, if they’ve skipped this week I might swear a little ) and I’ve got the majority of things that need doing done, so thumbs up to that. And I mean it’s Friday tomorrow so that alone just makes today a good day.

I tried making some sort of baking concoction of what I had at home, coincidentally the only thing I really had was baileys and it’s safe to say it was a failure. It didn’t really taste of baileys, just alcohol so yeah thumbs down to that. I’m sure the bin enjoyed it, maybe? I’m Sure it’s better than poopy nappies at least.

Yeah I’ve lost it, thinking weather a bin ?! Enjoys whatever I put in it. Think it might be time for more coffee.

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Coffee and me – a love story

So this week so far? Not a fan. Lack of sleep bleh.

Pretty much sums it up really. I mean thank you coffee or I would probably have been sleep parenting, I’m sure that’s a thing.

So I’m in bed nice and early tonight, hoping that I will get a decent nights sleep so that we can turn this week around tomorrow and make it a good one.

By the way Jamie is walking independently more and more, and I am so not ready.

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Tuesday – No, Monday.

Ive been thinking its Tuesday all day, I was rather disappointed when I realised its only Monday and all I want is for it to be Friday again. I miss having Ryan at home with us, and I’m sure the kids do too.  Its been a day of doing nothing, other then the general house chores, we were going to head to the park but its not very inviting in this weather, I can´t wait for spring to arrive with some warmth.

Jag har trott att det är torsdag hela dagen. Jag var rätt besviken när jag insåg att det bara är måndag, och jag vill bara att det ska vara fredag igen. Jag saknar att ha Ryan hemma, och det tror jag barnen gör också. Det har vart en tråkig dag, bara gjort dom vanlig sysslorna här hemma, vi funderade på att gå en sväng till parken, men det är inte så inbjudande i kylan. Jag längtar tills våren är här och bjuder på lite värme.


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Draged the whole family out for a little walk, and managed to get some photos along the way. I just love these ones of Zack, they really show a little bit of who he is.

Drog med mig hela familjen ut på en liten promenad, och lyckades ta lite bilder på vägen. Älskar verkligen dessa bilder på Zack, dom visar en liten del av vem han är.

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