A mind of its own

I am up way to late even though I know I’ll be woken up in a few hours, I also know how much I will regret it when Jasper walks in telling me to wake up or asks to “watch mummy’s phone”.

But I got a little bit too into watching the last few episodes of YOU, and yes I know I’m a little late watching it but three kids no time and all of that you know. Anyway, my thoughts? It’s good it certainly keeps you watching, but I didn’t like it because of the horrible feeling and state of mind it’s left me in. I just can’t watch things like this without feeling horrible, it’s the reason why I never watch horrors anymore either, it just leaves me pondering and just makes me feel really bad, sometimes for days. Because once I get something in my head it just does not go anywhere until I’ve finished processing it, although I might not want to process, it’s like once I’ve started I can’t find the stop button and have to keep playing until the end. Extremely annoying and exhausting at times.

So if they do bring out a season two I am promising myself not to watch it even though I am curious, Ryan seemed to get in to it so if he starts watching the second season I might just get him to tell me how it ends.

I think I’m going to have to try and distract my mind with something a little more “happy” to try and go to bed in a better state of mind.

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Saturdays de-cluttering

That to do-list is slowly but surely getting smaller. Today task is de-cluttering, if there’s one thing that stresses me out it’s when things don’t have a place and end up here there and everywhere, organised living makes me all warm and fluffy inside ( OCD ).

Last night we got some new paint for the kitchen. We have allot of grey colours in the house and I am getting a little bit tired of just seeing grey wherever I look. Don’t get me wrong I love grey, but I just wanted a touch of colour in the house so the kitchen is now… blue! And I looooooove it.

I will post some before and after pictures when it’s all done.

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