I haven’t picked my camera up until today and I’ve barely updated any social media the last week. As much as I enjoy social media – and it’s something I do because I enjoy it. I tend to put to much pressure on myself sometimes taking the fun out of it and making it stressful.

Day before Friday

Did I get to sleep? Nah not really our little one who generally is a very good sleeper decided he was waking up at who knows what time and thought it was the perfect time for bouncing all over the bed. So guess who’s sleeping right now?. Either way I have woke up with some

Precious time

It’s just so amazing to watch our little baby grow and at the same time I just want him to keep being this little forever. He’s so happy about everything and sits and talks to us plays with his toys and is just pure joy in everyway. He’s almost four months now and before we

Friday – yay

I’m not sure why I always get so happy about Fridays, Its like theres any difference in a Friday and a normal day for me, but I suppose it has something to do with the “friday feeling” . Well I’m sitting here now hoping that babys going to decide that its time to come out

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19th of april 2018

O my god its hot! Very nice of course, but also a little well hot. Not that I´m complaining or anything but sometimes being pregnant and heat doesn’t mix well together. We couldn’t really stay out in the sun for very long anyway, I’ve forgot to buy sunscreen for the kids so I’m only letting

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