Fuck it, pizza it is.

So my day has consisted of cleaning up after kids going through different plans and changes (all in my head whilst cleaning 😅). Thinking about eating well and healthy – until I found out the shop ran out of chicken and my planned dinner was ruined. So I ordered pizza in true “fuck it” spirit.

And after I’d put the kids to sleep (which took less then 30 mins, hoooray) I got started on Zacks one page profile. However our little Jamie aka “hiccipops” has some very strong opinions about when it’s time for bed and how it’s unthinkable to go to bed anywhere but in bed with mummy after a certain time, so I’ve had to pause and try and get the rest done tomorrow. So here I am with a happily sleeping baby next to me whom now controls when I go to bed.

My boss, sleeping beauty.

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Saturday, and we were hoping to find some plants to put in the windows, its looking a little empty after the christmas flowers and decorations have been put away/thrown out. However we found nothing, but ended up going for a little walk with the kids and ordering take away for dinner when we got in.

Lördag, och vi hade hoppats pÄ att hitta lite blommor att ha i fönstren, det ser lite tomt ut efter att alla jul dekorationer och blommor har blivit bortplockade/slÀngda. Men vi hittade ingenting och gick pÄ en liten promenad med barnen istÀllet, och bestÀllde hÀmtmat till middag.

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