Sunday evening

Had a lovely evening out with the kids yesterday, nice to get out and let the kids play when it’s a little bit cooler and it’s not scorching, and it was most certainly appreciated by Zack and Jasper.

Jamie sat in his car seat watching, happy as always.

I’m currently listening to a podcast, Jaspers watching CBeebies and Zack and Jamie are still sleeping. I’m waiting for a delivery from ASOS that’s been delayed, I’m really hoping it turns up today.

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From getting a sleep in to – well, not getting a sleep in. But Jaspers just going for a nap and Jamie’s already sleeping so I get to sit down and have cuddles with Zack for a little while.

Woke up this morning thinking it’s Friday, a little bit disappointed when I realised it’s not. Felt relief when I realised my dream was just a dream and tired of the thought of having to get up.

My day will be filled with endless loads of washing the possible attempts of trying to get some sun which will be disrupted by children jumping all over me resulting in tan lines looking like various body parts. Also cleaning up mess that appears out of nowhere serving food in different shapes and forms possibly leading to burns and breasts hanging down to my knees, meanwhile that mess I previously cleaned up magically reappears.

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Seven! S E V E N o’clock this morning I had Zack and Jasper coming to wake me up, if that’s not a sleep in I don’t know what is, wonderful! After that and my little workout this evening I feel absolutely great, feel as if I could stay up all night folding washing, scrubbing floors and all that other necessary stuff, but I think I might just go to sleep anyway just to be safe.

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Baby boy

Soon hiccup will be three months old, time is just flying by and I feel like I’m not keeping up. I just want to stop time and get to enjoy my little baby a little longer.
He is by far the “easiest” baby out of the three, hes pretty much constantly happy and content, and he even puts himself to sleep.
He’s really giving us those beaming toothless smiles and giving us so much lovely baby talk, and when he spots his brothers faces his little face lights up and he waves those little arms in excitement.

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Small feet and tender hearts

The last few days have been my first days dealing with all the kids at bedtime and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been a little worried about it. But it ended up being fine thanks to a very patient little baby.

Right now I’m sitting next to hiccup in his baby gym, he’s having some tummy time whilst Jaspers napping and Zacks watching his tablet and eating biccies.

It’s a little bit cooler then what is has been just recently today so I’m going to try and get a few things done and do my workouts again, I’ve not done it the last four days so it’s about time I get started again.

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Six weeks

Six weeks old, and we have just had our six week postpartum check up today. Got a prescription cream for Jamie’s belly button but other then that we got the all clear. He’s healthy and gaining weight well so we’re happy!

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First smiles

Quick update, it’s been a long day, and it will be even longer tomorrow. Just feeding hiccup now and hopefully we will get a good-ish night sleep before our early rise. Ohh and hiccup has been doing his first “real” smiles, adorable!

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