Precious time

It’s just so amazing to watch our little baby grow and at the same time I just want him to keep being this little forever. He’s so happy about everything and sits and talks to us plays with his toys and is just pure joy in everyway. He’s almost four months now and before we

Baby boy

Soon hiccup will be three months old, time is just flying by and I feel like I’m not keeping up. I just want to stop time and get to enjoy my little baby a little longer. He is by far the “easiest” baby out of the three, hes pretty much constantly happy and content, and


I am completely run out, exhausted, not physically but mentally. We missed Jamies hip scan this morning because I didn’t remember until the last minute, which is very unlike me. I just feel completely drained and I feel how the tears are burning behind my eyelids at the slightest little thing. I know that its

Leaving snot cave hell.

Hoping this little one is getting something to help him get better tomorrow. Finally were all starting to feel better after what feels like an eternity of snot, ache, coughs and near enough sleepless nights. Other then Jasper, I´ll be trying to book him in for an appointment with the doctors tomorrow. But its nice

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Week 11+5

Jag lovade mig själv att jag skulle dokumentera graviditeten med bilder och alla symptom, och jag är rätt så arg på mig själv för en så länge har jag knappt gjort det alls. Men jag tänkte köra en liten lista på hur jag mår nu med alla symptom och så ska jag verkligen försöka att