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My birth story

Friday the 27:th of April in the afternoon I went in for a monitoring due to reduced movements, everything looked fine but baby was measuring large so they booked me in to be induced on the third of may. Once we got home I said to Ryan he will probably decide to make an appearance …

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Not ready yet

Its been a few less-enjoyable days. Ive been to labour ward twice. It started with some reduced movement, and after having a ctg babies movements picked up but they picked up on some contractions so I had an examination to make sure my cervix was still closed and that I hadn’t gone into premature labour. …

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Slowing down.

Life right now is basically just trying to take it easy. Ended up going to labour ward again on Sunday, everything’s okay with baby but my bodies starting to tell me that it’s time to start slowing down. Baby is now head down aswell and I’m a little bit worried about going into premature labour. …

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