Day before Friday

Did I get to sleep? Nah not really our little one who generally is a very good sleeper decided he was waking up at who knows what time and thought it was the perfect time for bouncing all over the bed. So guess who’s sleeping right now?. Either way I have woke up with some more energy today and I feel pretty good, there’s a new episode of riverdale today ( I hope, if they’ve skipped this week I might swear a little ) and I’ve got the majority of things that need doing done, so thumbs up to that. And I mean it’s Friday tomorrow so that alone just makes today a good day.

I tried making some sort of baking concoction of what I had at home, coincidentally the only thing I really had was baileys and it’s safe to say it was a failure. It didn’t really taste of baileys, just alcohol so yeah thumbs down to that. I’m sure the bin enjoyed it, maybe? I’m Sure it’s better than poopy nappies at least.

Yeah I’ve lost it, thinking weather a bin ?! Enjoys whatever I put in it. Think it might be time for more coffee.

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Coffee and me – a love story

So this week so far? Not a fan. Lack of sleep bleh.

Pretty much sums it up really. I mean thank you coffee or I would probably have been sleep parenting, I’m sure that’s a thing.

So I’m in bed nice and early tonight, hoping that I will get a decent nights sleep so that we can turn this week around tomorrow and make it a good one.

By the way Jamie is walking independently more and more, and I am so not ready.

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Birthday coming up

Two out of three kids are having a little nap, Zacks making carrots out of play-doh and I feel as if I’ve not slept in weeks although I’ve not slept too bad, can’t ever win huh?.
I’m starting to think about what birthday presents to get Zack, it can be a little difficult seems his interests aren’t quite like of other kids his age.  There is one thing I keep looking at which Zack absolutely loves to play with when he has been to his speech and language therapy, and Its a wooden boat with little wooden men. I have looked absolutely everywhere online but I cannot seem to find it. If anyone has any idea of where I might find this, please let me know.

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Back to reality

Tomorrows the start of a new week again, and I’m really not looking forward to it that much. Ryans had his first week booked of from work in a while and its been so nice having him at home with us.So its back to normality tomorrow again, although I’m going to miss having Ryan here, its going to be nice to get back into a normal routine again. I tend to get more things done when its just me and the kids.

Little hiccup is lying next to me “swimming”, hes doing his very best to move forward but at the moment its mostly just legs and arms in the air waving around, although he does move slightly forward now and again through worming.

For now I’m going to enjoy the last night of the weekend with my other half, but ill be back here again soon.

Happy Jasper on the swings, its about the only thing they want to go on when we go to the park.

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Small feet and tender hearts

The last few days have been my first days dealing with all the kids at bedtime and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been a little worried about it. But it ended up being fine thanks to a very patient little baby.

Right now I’m sitting next to hiccup in his baby gym, he’s having some tummy time whilst Jaspers napping and Zacks watching his tablet and eating biccies.

It’s a little bit cooler then what is has been just recently today so I’m going to try and get a few things done and do my workouts again, I’ve not done it the last four days so it’s about time I get started again.

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God morgon, jag vaknade dels för att jag behövde gå på toa 😅, och dels för att jag hade en väldigt hemsk dröm. Jag kände mig ledsen och uppgiven precis efter jag vaknat, känslo stormen i drömmen hängde liksom med. Nu känns det iallafall lite bättre och jag känner mig väldigt tacksam att min dröm var just det – en dröm.

Jag hade en riktigt dålig dag här för ett par dagar sedan, kände mig ledsen och ensam och ja kände mig generellt deppig. När Ryan kom hem från jobbet hade han köpt blommor för att muntra upp mig ❤️ Han har verkligen vart helt underbar, hjälper till lite extra hemma innan han åker till jobbet så att jag inte ska ha så mycket att göra, och här om dagen bakade han en jättegod tårta klockan 8 på kvällen efter att jag sagt att jag var sugen på tårta. 

Goodmorning I woke up because I needed a pee 😅 but also because I had a bad dream. I felt really sad and low just after I woke up, the emotional storm from my dream lingered. But at least now I’m feeling a little better and I’m very grateful that my dream was just that – a dream.

I had a really bad day a few days ago, felt sad and lonely and just a little bit depressed in general. When Ryan got back from work he had bought me flowers to cheer me up ❤️. He has really been amazing, helps out a little bit extra at home before he goes to work so I won’t have so much to do, and the other day he baked me a delicious cake at 8pm because I mentioned that I fancied some cake.

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Walk around the lake.

I lördags så åkte vi till ett helt nybyggt shopping område vid en sjö. Det är mitt lilla paradis och jag hade svårt att slita mig från Moschino väskorna  ( snälla tomten, jag har väll vart snäll i år? ) bland annat. Vi spenderade inte speciellt mycket tid i affärerna men gick runt sjön iallafall, och det var väll helt okej, men det var lite mycket folk.

This Saturday we went to a brand new shopping area by a lake. Its my new little paradise and I struggled tearing myself away from the Moschino bags (please santa, I’ve been good this year) amongst other things. We didn’t really spend that much time in the shops, but took a walk around the lake, which was okay, but a few too many people there at the time.


This was Zacks highlight of the day, splash splash!20170827-DSC_1520

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Bank holiday Monday

Jag har verkligen inte alls vart på bra humör idag, inget som skulle bli gjort blev gjort, och jag växlade mellan att vilja skratta och gråta. Jag fick inte somnat förens klockan fyra  på morgonen, och sen blev jag väckt halv sju. Sömnen har med andra ord inte förbättrats.
Nej usch, idag har vart en sådan dag man bara vill glömma, allt känns så himla jobbigt fast en det faktiskt inte är det och jag känner mig orättvis mot mig själv och dom i min omgivning. Men ibland kan man helt enkelt inte hjälpa hur man mår.
Sen har jag faktiskt väldigt goda nyheter som jag så gärna vill dela med mig av, men jag kan inte riktigt än, och det gör mig också ledsen. Så ja jag hoppas på en bättre dag imorgon helt enkelt. Något som verkligen fick mig att le och må lite bättre var att se Ryan leka med barnen tidigare ikväll, det är så speciellt att se dom ha roligt tillsammans och jag är så glad att mina barn får ha honom som sin pappa.

Ive really been in a bad mood today, nothing that was supposed to get done got done, and I swapped between wanting to laugh and wanting to cry all day. I didn’t get to sleep until four o´clock in the morning, and then I got woke up at half past six. So the sleep department hasn’t really improved.
Today has just been one of those days you just want to forget, everything feels so difficult although it isn’t at all, and I feel that its unfair to myself and the people around me. But sometimes you just can´t help how you feel. I actually have some really good news that I can´t wait to share, but I just can´t yet which also makes me feel sad. So I´m just hoping for a better day tomorrow. But something that made me smile and made me feel a little better was watching Ryan play with the kids, its so special to see them have fun together and I´m so happy that my children get to have him as their father.

We did some shopping..
This drink really could of done with some alcohol in it..Pizza!Very enjoyable.

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