Gender reveal

Its actually a whole ten weeks ago since we found out the sex of the baby. And its a boy? maybe. Yeah we actually don’t know with one hundred percent certainty what it is. Baby had his or her legs crossed and we got the answer that she thinks its a boy. In other words

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Getting closer.

Only 18 weeks pregnant in this picture, and I thought my bump was huge haha.   31 weeks pregnant, and now its not long to go at all. Think its about time I start packing my bag, so that everything is ready. It might seem early but seems Zack was born early and I remember

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Stretch marks

This is my third pregnancy, and Ive been rather bad at putting cream on my bump to prevent any stretch marks. When I was pregnant with Zack I put cream on everyday, with Jasper it was only now and again, and in this pregnancy not at all.  When I was pregnant with Zack I used

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24 Weeks Pregnant

24 weeks of this pregnancy has already passed and now theres only 16 weeks left until we get to meet this little one. So how am I feeling? I’m okay actually, my back is feeling better and I feel pretty much like my normal self, other then how big I am. I’m really not very

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18 weeks pregnant

Nu var det ett tag sen jag uppdaterade om graviditeten och jag har hunnit med besök hos barnmorskan och känner nu ordentliga sparkar från bebis. Illamåendet är helt borta och det är såklart helt fantastiskt. Brösten växer och är ömma och ju större jag blir ju värre blir ryggen. Annars har jag faktiskt inte så

Coming up..

Har äntligen fått till lite bilder på magen. Ska gå igenom dom så fort barnen somnat så kommer dom förhoppningsvis in på bloggen senare ikväll eller imorgon. Finally took some pictures of the bump. I’ll be going through them as soon as the kids have gone to sleep and they’ll be on the blog later