Day before Friday

Did I get to sleep? Nah not really our little one who generally is a very good sleeper decided he was waking up at who knows what time and thought it was the perfect time for bouncing all over the bed. So guess who’s sleeping right now?. Either way I have woke up with some more energy today and I feel pretty good, there’s a new episode of riverdale today ( I hope, if they’ve skipped this week I might swear a little ) and I’ve got the majority of things that need doing done, so thumbs up to that. And I mean it’s Friday tomorrow so that alone just makes today a good day.

I tried making some sort of baking concoction of what I had at home, coincidentally the only thing I really had was baileys and it’s safe to say it was a failure. It didn’t really taste of baileys, just alcohol so yeah thumbs down to that. I’m sure the bin enjoyed it, maybe? I’m Sure it’s better than poopy nappies at least.

Yeah I’ve lost it, thinking weather a bin ?! Enjoys whatever I put in it. Think it might be time for more coffee.

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Wednesday motherhood

You know when you’ve carefully planned out what to do with the few hours of alone time after the kids has gone to sleep, and those few hours goes to actually getting the kids of to sleep instead? Yeah, that’s what happened today.

Well it’s Thursday tomorrow and all I have to say about that is YAAAAAAAS new episode of Riverdale. And hopefully I’ll get those couple of hours of alone time tomorrow, so that, maybe I can at least cross one little thing of the to-do list.

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Precious time

It’s just so amazing to watch our little baby grow and at the same time I just want him to keep being this little forever. He’s so happy about everything and sits and talks to us plays with his toys and is just pure joy in everyway. He’s almost four months now and before we know it it’s time to start on solid foods, and soon he will be crawling following his brothers around.

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Walk around the lake.

I lördags så åkte vi till ett helt nybyggt shopping område vid en sjö. Det är mitt lilla paradis och jag hade svårt att slita mig från Moschino väskorna  ( snälla tomten, jag har väll vart snäll i år? ) bland annat. Vi spenderade inte speciellt mycket tid i affärerna men gick runt sjön iallafall, och det var väll helt okej, men det var lite mycket folk.

This Saturday we went to a brand new shopping area by a lake. Its my new little paradise and I struggled tearing myself away from the Moschino bags (please santa, I’ve been good this year) amongst other things. We didn’t really spend that much time in the shops, but took a walk around the lake, which was okay, but a few too many people there at the time.


This was Zacks highlight of the day, splash splash!20170827-DSC_1520

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GoT and everyday

Har ni sett nya avsnittet av GoT?  Det var sååå bra, jag tjatade håll i huvudet på Ryan igår om avsnittet, och jag kunde inte sova för att jag inte kunde sluta tänka på allt som hände. Snacka om GoT frälst 😂.

Nog om det, Godmorgon! Jag och min lilla krull tott har vart vakna ett bra tag nu, vi vaknade klockan 5.30 för att vara exakt. Men vi han ta en liten power nap innan Ryan åkte till jobbet. Zack sov lite längre, men inte så länge som jag hoppats. Hade vart bra ifall han sov lite till så att han inte blir så trött. 

Planen idag är att stor städa nedervåningen av huset, och sortera igenom lite paper och sen får vi se. Ungarna ska iallafall bada ikväll.

Have you seen the new episode of GoT? It was soo good, I was driving Ryan crazy talking about it yesterday and I couldn’t sleep yesterday where I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that happened in the episode. Talk about GoT addict😂.

Enough about that, Good morning! Me and curly have been up since 5.30, but we managed to get a small power nap before Ryan had to go to work. Zack slept a little longer, but not as long as I was hoping. Would of been good if he slept a little longer, so he doesent get to tired during the day.

The plan for today is to give downstairs a good clean and sort through some paperwork and then we’ll see. The kids are having a bath tonight that’s for sure.

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Come a long way

Fredags var första gången jag begav mig ut med båda barnen utan barnvagn. Det gick långsamt men roligt och bra, trots ett par rymnings försök på vägen hem. Känner mig stolt över mig själv att jag blivit så pass trygg, och litar på att jag fixar allt. För ett år sen var det inte alls så självklart.

Friday was the first time I ventured out with both the kids without a pushchair. It was slow, but fun, although we had a few escaping attempts on the way home. I’m proud of myself for getting confident and trusting that I can handle whatever happens. A year ago that wasn’t the case.

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