More kids?

Five months as a family of five, three kids can certainly be challenging at times but also oh so rewarding. Will there be a number four? Well I don’t like […]

My birth story

Friday the 27:th of April in the afternoon I went in for a monitoring due to reduced movements, everything looked fine but baby was measuring large so they booked me […]


Something thats pretty unusual in our home is that I’m the only one who’s still awake, the kids and Ryan are sleeping. I’m usually the one who goes to sleep […]

2-3 cm

What a weekend! And I don’t mean that in a positive way either. But lets start with something positive. Zacks back to being himself again, the swelling in his arm […]


So very tired (and his hairs curly from sleeping with his hair up in a twisted bun) I really have to apologise for how incoherent and grammatically incorrect my latests […]

Not ready yet

Its been a few less-enjoyable days. Ive been to labour ward twice. It started with some reduced movement, and after having a ctg babies movements picked up but they picked […]

Gender reveal

Its actually a whole ten weeks ago since we found out the sex of the baby. And its a boy? maybe. Yeah we actually don’t know with one hundred percent […]

Getting closer.

Only 18 weeks pregnant in this picture, and I thought my bump was huge haha.   31 weeks pregnant, and now its not long to go at all. Think its […]

Stretch marks

This is my third pregnancy, and Ive been rather bad at putting cream on my bump to prevent any stretch marks. When I was pregnant with Zack I put cream […]


  Its been a while since I wrote anything now, everything went well at the hospital and babys still safe in my belly. I feel about ready to give birth […]

Here again.

Just nu befinner jag mig på sjukhuset, jag har haft ont en del och läckt lite vätska ett par dagar så efter besöket hos barnmorskan idag så skickade hon mig […]

Coming up..

Har äntligen fått till lite bilder på magen. Ska gå igenom dom så fort barnen somnat så kommer dom förhoppningsvis in på bloggen senare ikväll eller imorgon. Finally took some […]

Monday again

Sjuka barn igen och knappt någon sömn för min del. Zack får vara hemma från förskolan idag, men vi blir inte hemma hela dagen endå. Vi har fortfarande lite grejer […]


Det känns som att jag är rätt så negativ, och att allt just nu är hemskt och jobbigt, men så är det såklart inte. Men allt tar verkligen på krafterna […]

A first

Det känns bra att ha vart hos barnmorskan och fått gå igenom allt, nu känns det officielt på något vis. Och det känns tryggt att ha fått bokat in mina […]