Six weeks

Six weeks old, and we have just had our six week postpartum check up today. Got a prescription cream for Jamie’s belly button but other then that we got the all clear. He’s healthy and gaining weight well so we’re happy!


The amount of tantrums we have over these damned toys where its always that one toy (amongst the hundreds of toys they have) that they both MUST have. Honestly half the time I seriously consider chucking them in the bin and the rest of the time I wonder why we spend such a huge amount

These days

I’m finally in bed, although its with a very much awake baby next to me so I won’t be going to sleep just yet. This week and this weekend has gone so incredibly slow I am beyond tired and basically living on coffee. It is hard to be your best self without much sleep and

First smiles

Quick update, it’s been a long day, and it will be even longer tomorrow. Just feeding hiccup now and hopefully we will get a good-ish night sleep before our early rise. Ohh and hiccup has been doing his first “real” smiles, adorable!


Kids are all sleeping, ill be joining them soon but first I’m doing a little bit of planning into their bedroom. Currently Zack and Jasper (and Ryan) are sharing a bedroom, and will be doing so until we find a new place. And the bedrooms colourful with bright red walls and lightning mcqueen furniture, which

One month old..

Already! Time is going by so quick and it only feels like yesterday I was in hospital giving birth. Now he’s lying here next to me waving his little arms and legs around, so awake and aware already. He is gaining weight very well, at his weighing last week he weighed 5.08 KG, meaning hes

Life as a Mother of three

Is allot of things but most of all, its not as bad as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, if I thought it was going to be horrible I obviously wouldn’t of choose to go for baby number three, but I did think that it was going to be hard and stressful