Today has just been one of those days. I had a bad nights sleep so I’ve felt like a zombie all day. You know when all you do all day is dream about your bed?, yeah one of those days. The heat has returned and I suppose we should be enjoying it whilst it lasts


From getting a sleep in to – well, not getting a sleep in. But Jaspers just going for a nap and Jamie’s already sleeping so I get to sit down and have cuddles with Zack for a little while. Woke up this morning thinking it’s Friday, a little bit disappointed when I realised it’s not.


Seven! S E V E N o’clock this morning I had Zack and Jasper coming to wake me up, if that’s not a sleep in I don’t know what is, wonderful! After that and my little workout this evening I feel absolutely great, feel as if I could stay up all night folding washing, scrubbing

11 weeks old

Our lovely little hiccup, developing so fast. Loves his tummy time and does his best to try and roll from back to front on his own, struggling and making his little grunting noises and then giving beaming smiles when you help him. He talks and laughs and plays with his toys, although I think his

Time flies

Where does the time go? Next year Zack will be going to school, Jasper will be going to nursery and Jamie will have his first birthday. It seems as if the more children we have the quicker the time goes.    

Baby boy

Soon hiccup will be three months old, time is just flying by and I feel like I’m not keeping up. I just want to stop time and get to enjoy my little baby a little longer. He is by far the “easiest” baby out of the three, hes pretty much constantly happy and content, and